Safe driving training

Handle extreme situations.

At a safe driving training by pro-log you will experience your vehicle at extreme situations. Our instructors acquaint you with every possible situation on road and off road like handling-course, curve-fitting, avoiding an obstruction, braking sharply or accelerating. In addition to that we will inform you about all technical details of your vehicle.

In cooperation with our partner, C&S GmbH from Schwäbisch-Gmünd, one of the leading companies in building special-vehicles, we train teams in utility vehicles for fire and rescue. Emergency services, driving instructors, organizations and companies – they all have confirmed of a save driving training by pro-log. 

Also “Bergwacht Bayern” was trained at our terrain repeatedly in 2014. Further trainings are in preparation and we would like to progress driving-trainings with you, too. Lets talk to us.