The special trucks of pro-log had been in use at all important rallies. In a supporting-role for international rallye-organizers to transport their goods in the same way as for teams to arrange their quick and safe transport of special-equipment. pro-log was on tour for example for BMW, that wanted to live up their earlier success at rallies like Dakar. But also company-events and adventure-trips were part of the repertoire when pro-log started long years ago.

1997 „Master Rallye“ Paris-Moskau-Peking 1 Rallye Truck scorecarted

„OPTIC 2000“ Tunesien 2 Service Trucks

1998 “OPTIC 2000“ Tunesien 4 Service Trucks

“Master Rallye“ Moskau – Peking 1 Rallye Truck scorecarted

“Rallye of Ägypt” Ägypten 1 Rallye Truck scorecarted

1999 “Paris – Dakar” Marokko – Mali – Senegal 1 Service Truck
1 Rallye Truck scorecarted

„U.A.E. Dessert“ Dubai 1 Service Truck

2000 U.A.E. Desert “ Dubai 1 Service Truck

2001 „Rallye el Chott“ Tunesien 1 Rallye Truck scorecarted

2002 Firmen-Incentive anlässlich Rallye “Paris – Dakar”

2004 “Rallye el Chott” 1 Rallye Truck scorecarted

2006 Firmen-Incentive für 2 000 pax in Tunesien (Sahara)

2007 Yukon-Tour

2010 Tunesien-Tour

2011 Marokko-Tour (hoher Atlas)

2012 Namibia-Expedition

2012 Allgäu-Orient-Rallye